Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Won the Election? Media Matters says Fox News.

After contemplating who “owns” the election coverage I went searching. However, in the midst of who owns what and how they dominated the coverage, I stumbled upon Media Matters, “During the 2010 election cycle, Fox News, its employees, and its parent company engaged in an unprecedented campaign in support of the Republican Party. The network served as the communications and fundraising wing of the GOP while fervently promoting -- and sometimes creating -- the party's candidates.”

They created the party’s candidates? Did Glenn Beck cry his way into enough homes across the United States and convince potential voters to support the Republican Party? And News Corporation donated $1.25 million to GOP-linked groups?

Jon Stewart breaks it down.

However, General Electric the parent company of the NBC television network has been under fire for donating $3 million to the Democratic Party. Open Secrets: Center for Responsive Politics lays out a few charts detailing the money flow. They also outline how GE donated $2 million to the Republican Party.

So, who really won the election? While the media secretly pulls strings behind the curtain, the winners are as follows...Key races across the United States.

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