Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Andrew Marr: Bloggers are the urine stain on the underpants of society. I stand by my words.

What got Marr’s undies in such a bunch? The British journalist and political commentator has pissed off many with a statement he tweeted to Jay Rosen, a strong supported of citizen journalism and professor at New York University.

As I looked more closely at what could’ve sparked this elitist little tweet from a self-important twit, I found Marr’s blog. Well, he likes to call it a diary…well, except for when he first referred to it via Twitter, “Follow my blog here Sue, and please RT! Shortly after that tweet he corrected himself, “I'm keeping a diary, not a blog.” I think he’s confused.  

Anyways, I checked out Marr’s blog and came across a post entitled “United Stares of America” where he reiterates his view on bloggers:

“I rise early today to a flood of correspondence from across the herring pond, challenging me on my views about bloggers. How I hate that word. One particularly angry journalist fellow accused me of being a “pot calling the kettle black”. I am still not exactly sure what he meant, but I replied “surely you mean pot calling the kettle African American”, which I thought rather witty. God, American bloggers – double jeopardy. Scum. I shall say it again. Bloggers are the wet fart in the express elevator of elite journalism. Those who "tweet" are even more risible. Losers, all of them. Except me.”

I laughed so hard at Marr’s attempt to be witty “pot calling the kettle African American” joke, I wet myself a little. Hmm urine? Blogger? He may be onto something.

A few Twitter losers did not appreciate Marr’s tweet…

Greytdog said, “@andrewmarrblog @jayrosen_nyu better urine than the brown skid marks left by the mass media”

Brijesh Kartha, “@andrewmarrblog in which case old gen big media are the crap in those very underpants! @jayrosen_nyu

At the end of the day, what matters is that Marr won’t kill the blogger. In fact, he’ll update his online diary, and all us Twitter losers will tweet about his not so witty jokes. We all win.

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  1. I used to rail against blogs and called what I did an online diary.

    I was young and stupid and wanted to feel superior.