Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Now What?

For those graduating in December (like me), finding a journalism job is proving to be slightly difficult. Newspapers are cutting backing, getting a new media job is somewhat difficult, and let’s be honest…the state of journalism is in a flux. Who the hell is a real journalist anyways? We are all sneaky little reporters with our camera phones, Twitter accounts, blogs, and all the other crap I’m forgetting. So, what do we do?

Well, I’m not exactly sure. But here are some ideas…

Seven steps to get a journalism job in this wonderful economy. They are pretty obvious but check them out.

Visit, throw your resume up, and start searching. I was surprised to see 364 Newspapers/Wires jobs available but only 162 online media jobs open. Interesting. (POLITICO and AOL Inc has several positions available).

I would also check out Poynter Career Center. There are currently 149 jobs posted.

A handful of jobs for thousands of college graduates. If all else fails there is always graduate school! Good luck!


  1. I've been reading your other blog because it's really fascinating. (Also, my boyfriend's father works for veterans' affairs in New York and is working with helping vets transition into college.) Anyways, after close to six years in journalism, I'm now back in school for my master's with a focus on media management at Medill/Northwestern. I'm also freelancing for Patch, which accounts for the jobs AOL is advertising. I highly recommend applying for those jobs. You'll get a lot of experience fast.

  2. Hi JMP, thank you so much for the give me hope! I will look into those jobs and put my resume up at That’s great about your boyfriend’s father. UAlbany is really trying to get a program together to help veterans transition into college. It’s proving to be a little bit of a challenge but we have hope. Best of luck with your master’s!