Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happening Now: Barbie Reporting Live From Pinkville.

News Anchor Barbie
Last week Mattel released the newest edition to their Barbie collection: News Anchor Barbie and people were pissed. According to Joe Grimm, “People have called News Anchor Barbie a sign of the death of real journalism and a reflection of "certain airheads on network cable news."

Oh no! The death of real journalism?!

While I type this, there are little girls all across America pushing Barbie’s microphone into Ken’s face and demanding answers to questions like, “Ken, where is my notebook? Do you have an extra pen? Does the camera really add 20 pounds?” I don’t see the problem. But this is what I do have a problem with…

“According to the American Society of News Editors' annual newsroom census, "Women working full-time in daily newspapers total about 15,200 or 36.62 percent." An ASNE study found that the total for online-only newsrooms is about 40 percent.”

Well, the problem doesn’t seem to be with a silly little Barbie but rather with our society. Women are currently dominating journalism schools. “At the Kansas University School of Journalism, enrollment is currently 70 percent female, according to the school’s dean, Ann Brill.” Is there still sexism against the female journalists? Looks like it and it isn't Barbie’s fault.

The death of real journalism should not be attributed to a blonde Barbie decked out in pink with a permanent smile on her face. The death of real journalism is the failure to adapt in an ever-changing world and potentially the lack of hiring those most qualified for the job: the female journalist.

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