Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"There's a bluebird in my heart that..." Wants a New Twitter!

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m addicted to Twitter and in the near future they will be rolling out a completely redesigned Twitter. Exciting! To discover what the new and improved Twitter would consist of I watched a video titled, “Meet the new” on their official website. The two minute video told me hardly anything about the new design. During the first minute of the video I watched as little blue birds popped up in random places (my favorite bird was on a powered sugared pancake. Yum!) When I realized I wasn’t going to learn a damn thing from watching this video, I headed over to The Huffington Post, where they had a comprehensive guide to the new Twitter.

The new Twitter features are amazing! Just to name a few: keyboard shortcuts, never-ending streams of tweets (no more hitting “more”), and you can view profiles alongside tweets. Finally, a Twitter that doesn’t seem so convoluted and much more easier to navigate. I may actually use Twitter from my computer now instead of just my iPhone. It seems with this new design Twitter is taking a step in the right direction and making itself more ideal for professionals, organizations, schools, and anyone trying to move information quickly in a world where the “need to know” is in a constant flux.

(Images from The Huffington Post)

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